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​Isn’t it great not to work on weekends? It really is, especially when there are subarctic temperatures outside, but you planned ahead and you stock up plenty of comfort food, you have an endless amount of entertainment in the form of DVDs, TV series and Videogames... Because there is no way in hell I'm leaving the house at any point in the next few days – fuck that. So while you’re reading this Roundup, good chances are I’m gonna be snuggle up on the couch under a blanket in my onesie, sporting my new Ugg boots (thank you Mat and Brooke) and drinking some hot coffee – cheers!

Definitely better than number two!

On Thursday Matthew shared with us his thoughts on Insidious: The Last Chapter, the newest and 4th film in the franchise. More than a few of us here at Ronon's Reviews weren't expecting much from this movie but it seems Matthew enjoyed it enough.

​See what I mean HERE.


The Thornhill Effect.

Continuing my love for bands from home (Australia),  I reviewed the second EP Butterfly from Melbourne band Thornhill. I see a long and bright future ahead for this 5 piece metalcore outfit and can't wait to see what they do next.

Check it out HERE.

Return of the Pumpkins.

​I am one of those people that shamelessly listens on a regular basis to tunes from the 90s and early 00s, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I'm SUPER HYPED that The Smashing Pumpkins are reuniting for a tour where they will ONLY play the hits from their first five albums, AKA the best ones: GishSiamese Dream, Melon Collie, Adore and Machina. The band's formation will include original members Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin and Jeff Schroeder instead of D’Arcy Wretzky. Billy shared the first draft of the set list on Instagram and even if it looks more than perfect as it is, he also encouraged the fans to let him know if he missed anything! The day that I see these dudes live cannot come soon enough.

Netflix you've done it again!

​Why am I only hearing about this film now? And why must I wait till the 9th of March to watch it? The Outsider, where Jared Leto stars as an imprisoned US soldier in post war Japan, who is released from captivity with help from his cellmate, he then feels indebted and joins the Yakuza. I feel this will be an amazing cerebral thriller.

First Mario, now Sonic.

​Four years ago it was reported (not by us) that a Sonic the Hedgehog film was on its way, despite how long it's been in production there are still next to no details other than: Tim Miller (Deadpool director) is the Executive Producer, his frequent collaborator Jeff Fowler will be making his directorial debut and the movie will be a mix of CGI and live action. The only plot hints we've been given is "Sonic and his friends team up to stop Dr Eggman". With a release date of November 15 in 2019 there is still a long way to go. 

Everyone’s favourite non animated dysfunctional family are coming back!

You heard right, the Osbournes will return to air next month, not on tv but as a podcast. Hosted by Jack (who does quite a few podcasts already), The Osbournes Podcast will feature the family reminiscing the original series which has its 16th anniversary on the 5th of March, which also is the when the first episode will be available. There will be 10-13 broadcasts released every Monday and will also feature guests joining the family. Those already confirmed are singer Carnie Wilson, comedian Sheryl Underwood and The Osbournes executive producer Greg Johnston.


​I hope they keep the original theme song.

The Charmed reboot is one step closer this week with the announcement of the first few cast members. Melanie Diaz is being billed as the first witch sister with time manipulating powers and Ser’Darius Blain from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle will play one of the sister's boyfriend. So far we know only the pilot has been ordered and original actress Shannen Doherty is far from pleased with the new series. 
"Hype Will Robinson, hype!"

​Yep, Lost in Space is getting another reboot, it will be out on Netflix in April this year. The series will follow the previous Lost in Space versions where the Robinson family gets stuck on an unknown planet after some accident. There will be 10 episodes and plans to be a more modern themed show than its predecessors. I never watched the 1960's original, but I did enjoy the film with Matt LeBlanc, I'll be giving this a look.
Who's ready for a second helping?

March 23 – less than a month. That’s when Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet is gonna be available on Netflix! Yay, more Timothy Olyphant! If you don’t have a clue what I'm talking about here’s my review on the show to get you up to date. In this new season Sheila is still rotting away and Joel (God bless him) keeps on trying to help her preserve, feed and find a cure – isn’t he an absolute catch? So get ready for more awkward feasts, plus a few notable new entries to the cast like Margaret Cassidy, better known as Jules O'Hara from Psych and living legend Gerald Lee McRaney from Major Dad and House of Cards.

Written By 
Dan, with help from Mags.

​​​Track of the Week Handpicked by
 Derek V AKA Norman Voorhees:

My pick this week is the video for Eminem's single with Ed Sheeran called "River". Checkout this full length version that's like a mini movie and reminds me of his classic video for "Stan".

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<![CDATA[Thornhill's Butterfly]]>Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:00:00 GMThttp://rononsreviews.com/reviews/thornhills-butterflyThank you UNFD for producing another Ozzie gem.


Release Date: 16th of February 2018

​Band Members: 
  • Jacob Charlton –  Vocals
  • Ethan McCann - Guitar
  • Matt Van Duppen - Guitar
  • Ben Maida - Drums
  • Nick Sjogren - Bass 

​Genre: Alternative Metalcore

In keeping with Australian Metalcore for another week, I now present to you Thornhill’s second EP Butterfly. A band who hail from Melbourne and consider themselves to be an Alternative Metalcore (more sub genres?) group and I couldn’t agree more. They have transcended the generic sounds of MC and breath new life into the genre. Having been newly formed they have impressed their peers and have already toured with the likes of Void of Vision, Northlane, Parkway Drive and many more.

Second EP’s are like second albums, you need to change enough to show off what you can do while stay similar enough to not confuse your fan base.

​Thornhill has hit the nail straight on the head with Butterfly, which kicks things off with ‘Sunflower’ a half toned down track that relaxes you into the release to begin with, then builds up perfectly.

Butterfly then assaults you with 'Parasite' 'Reptile', 'My Design' and 'Lavender', which are the awesomesauce evidence of their skills and will get the blood pumping. But my favourite has to be the closer ‘Joy’, again starts things off slow before picking things back up for the middle and then drifting away at the end, a perfect track to finish off Butterfly.


​​After hearing a few things about Thornhill for a year or so now, I’m glad I took the time to actually check out one of their releases.

Butterfly might be short but it still packs an amazing punch musically, which I loved especially since they are a relatively young band both age wise and how long the group have been about. I see great things in Thornhill’s future especially with the backing of UNFD who has helped out so many great Australian metal bands so far.

​The sky’s the limit boys, go for it.


​Written by Dan.

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<![CDATA[Adam Robitel's Insidious: The Last Key]]>Thu, 22 Feb 2018 00:00:00 GMThttp://rononsreviews.com/reviews/adam-robitels-insidious-the-last-keyA satisfying entry.
​​Director Adam Robitel

Screenplay by: Leigh Whannell

  • Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier
  • Ava Kolker as Young Elise Rainier
  • Hana Hayes as Teenage Elise Rainier
  • Angus Sampson as Tucker
  • Leigh Whannell as Specs
  • Spencer Locke as Melissa Rainier
  • Caitlin Gerard as Imogen Rainier
  • Bruce Davison as Christian Rainier
  • Josh Stewart as Gerald Rainier
  • ​Kirk Acevedo as Ted Garza

Length: approx. 103 min

​Genre: Supernatural Horror

The Last Key was received with mixed reviews upon release and it certainly won't satisfy everyone but is a solid entry into the Insidious franchise with good performances, enough scares to please and a solid story. Where does the series go from here? Who knows.
​If it's the last film, it's a good way to end it.
PictureExpect plenty of over the shoulder scares.

Set back and forth, between the years 1953 and 2010, tells the story of parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainer who is continuously having nightmares of her childhood and the paranormal encounters she experienced at the home she lived in with her mother, brother, and psychotic father. She receives a call from a man named Ted Garza, who has been experiencing paranormal activity in his own home and needs Elise's help; the catch is, he lives in her old house. While reluctant, she accepts the job, along with her two colleagues, Tucker and Specs.

PictureThis is where I would back away slowly.
As soon as Adam Robitel stepped into the director's chair, fans should've been excited. This was the guy who directed the scary as shit The Taking of Deborah Logan and also wrote the underrated Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – and he does a stellar job here.

​The backstory element to Elise and her childhood was a nice surprise. I know a lot of horror franchises do this and sometimes it works and sometimes not, but it very much is a home run here. It helps that the child and teenage versions of Elise do an amazing job.

Picture"What do you mean you meant to call the Ghostbusters?"
So, yeah the performances. Like mentioned, the younger versions of Elise are a gem (Ava Kolker and Hana Hayes) – if they continue down the performing arts route, I hope they get somewhere.

Elise's dad (Josh Stewart), who was the sidekick of Bane in 
The Dark Knight Rises, plays the sadistic father to a hilt, he has that look about him.

As for the main cast, Kirk Acevedo shines as troubled Ted Garza, as do Caitlin Gerard and Spencer Locke as the Rainier sisters and of course Australia's own Leigh Whannell (writer) and Angus Simpson bring their comedic value to their characters and while sometimes it gets a little irritating, I'll let them pass because they are Aussie.

​A bloke I haven't seen in a while is Bruce Davison, who peeps will know from the first couple of the 
X-Men movies, is underutilized as Elise's brother Christian but hey he is more of a supporting role – understood.

Another character in itself is, of course, the house!! Can't think of a more creepier residence. Situated right next to a State Penitentiary, where jailbirds are getting executed – no wonder the place is frikking haunted.

End of the day, it's a positive entry to the franchise. On par with the third part and way better than the disappointing sequel (yeah I didn't dig it). Check it out, you just might be entertained.


Written by Matthew.

'I get the death chamber and he gets bible camp with the most beautiful girl on earth? That's not a democracy.'

Trivia: The film is a direct prequel to the first film and takes place just after the third film.

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<![CDATA[Weekly Roundup #39]]>Sat, 17 Feb 2018 00:00:00 GMThttp://rononsreviews.com/reviews/weekly-roundup-39

Happy Saturday faithful followers! How was your week? From the awesome reviews that we’ve been throwing at you it might look we’ve got it all together, but we absolutely have not! Here’s at RR Headquarters we are still trying to get used to the everyday hustle and bustle of London, the freezing cold weather, having to wake up to an alarm clock every day and most sadly our golden tan is almost totally faded . Coming back from a long holiday isn’t easy. Boo hoo, right?  Well, let’s try to uplift our spirits with some cool ass news from the entertainment world.

We were sentenced to 3 hours of touring fun.

One of the best things ever to experience for any true crime fan, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is going to a real life prison. Better if it’s not because you murdered someone and even better if it happens to be in the back garden of one Australia's best cities. The Fremantle prison is just south of Perth and is the perfect way to spend a limited amount of time behind bars.

Read more about it HERE.


"I've never heard a better version of 'Crawling'" Dan.

Yesterday we saw me get a little emotional with my review of Linkin Park's live album One More Light Live, it can be more or less summed up as the best of the best from the band while also a fitting tribute to Chester.

Get the full low down HERE.

Good looking line up but missing one thing.

Tuesday saw the release of the initial line up for the Leeds and Reading Festival which is quite impressive. Main headliners are Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon and Kendrick Lamar, with support from Wolf Alice, Panic! at the Disco, Courteeners and my personal favourite:  The Wombats.
For the most part fans are excited but I did notice on social media a large group who were pissed that there was no Arctic Monkeys. With more to be announced, is it just a waiting game? 


​Why the hell not?

​I love Dita Von Teese and I pretty much worship anything she does. She's an amazing burlesque performer, can do her own hair and make up like a pro, her lingerie line is pure sexiness, she has great taste in men, in 1998 she was even in the Green Day video for 'Redundant' and now we can buy her record and listen to her sultry voice nonstop. The fact that she could sing wasn’t really a secret since she featured in tracks with Monarchy on "Disintegration" and 'Girls & Boys'. Her self titled album is co-produced and co-written with Sébastien Tellier (the cult leader looking dude on the cover), and while Dita might not have a Serj Tankian vocal range, I reckon this is the perfect album to listen to while having a romantic candle lit bubble bath with your bae.

Really Pixar? 14 years?

When it has been common knowledge for a while now that there will finally (14 years after the original) be an Incredibles 2, only recently we've been gifted with a trailer that shows a bit of a plot without giving too much away, see it for yourself. As an added bonus most of the cast will be reprising their roles so I can't see where this can go wrong!

I still have no idea what is going on but I want in!

I'm deliberately trying to stay away from all info about Ready Player One since there is a bit of a trend of awesome looking sci-fi films that end up underperforming recently, and I really want to see this. I think it has something to do with all the cameos and easter eggs. Still check out the vid and let us know what you think.

I'm Negan.

I know the quality of The Walking Dead has been downhill recently, even the show's viewership has taken a massive hit in the last 6 months. But I still hold on, I think it's because of Negan, the dude is a great Big Bad. Anyway, cast your eyes on the trailer for the return from the mid season break.

Has EA finally gone too far?

Now this one is a full blown rumour at the moment so we can't verify a thing other than LucasFilm and its parent company Disney are pissed with EA, who after almost 5 years have made one mobile and two console/PC games (Battlefront series) which have been met with poor reception, sales and controversy from some fans. The story has us believe LF is in talks with Ubisoft and Activision to take over. Time will tell on this one, keep your eyes peeled to our social media for updates.

The gaming news that almost broke the internet!

No, this isn't a reboot, the first three Spyro the Dragon games will be getting a remaster with a hopeful release date sometime in Autumn here in the northern hemisphere. They will feature new lighting, animations and cinematics as well as an updated save system, content that was cut from the originals and an improved soundtrack. The games will be a PS4 exclusive for about a year before being ported to other consoles.

Written By Dan, with help from Mags.
​​Track of the Week Handpicked by Dan:
Last week our friends over at KROD Records announced the news they had signed Elm Tree Circle and to celebrate, had released the lead single 'Feel The Burn' off the upcoming album. The track is great introduction to this Emo Pop-Punk band out of Germany, with easy on the ear chords and vocals. 

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